Internet Composing Tourney

62nd World Congress of Chess Composition (Vilnius, 17 – 24 August 2019)

Announced on 31 March 2019

Section A: Orthodox helpmate twomovers (h#2)
Theme: Black piece unpins the white piece with consecutive self-pinning with unpinned piece. After that and the white piece unpins that black piece.
Example A: a) 1.Bxd4 Qxb4 2.Bc3 Qb1#, b)1.Rxc4 Bxc6 2.Rc3 Be4#.
Judge: Valerij Barsukov

Section B: Orthodox helpmate moremovers (h#3,5 – n)
Theme: Interchange between the first and the last white moves (AB – BA) with Tschumakov (Chumakov) theme I.
Example B: 1…Bb5 (A) 2.Qh6 Be8 3.Re6 Kh2 4.Ke7 Kg3 5.Qg7 + Kf4 6.Kf6 Sd5 (B)#, 
1…Sd5 (B) 2.Rh2 + Kxh2 3.Qg3 + Kxg3 4.Bc8 Kf4 5.Kd7 Ke5 6.Rd8 Bb5 (A) #
Tschumakov theme I. Two or more pieces captured in one phase self-block in another phase. There two black pieces that self-blocked the King in one phase, rook Re6 and Qg7, were captured KxRh2xQg3 in another phase. All types of twins are allowed if every twin is thematic.
Judge: Vilimantas Satkus

The tourney is open for all composers world-wide. Maximum three compositions per author, in each section, including joint works, are allowed.
Closing date is 15 June 2019. Entries should be sent to Vilimantas Satkus, email:

The results will be announced on the congress closing ceremony, on 23 August 2019. The awards will be published on the congress website.